Recreation Center, Quistello, Italy

The new youth aggregation center consists of a single-storey single volume, inserted into a larger design that transforms the existing area into a small urban park within the consolidated urban fabric.

The new center will have to respond primarily to the needs of that age group between 0 and 18 years, but will have to present a flexibility that allows the use of this system even for older age groups.

The building is covered by a glazed skin, externally shielded by curtains, in order to generate a strong connection with the design of the outdoor park. The windows allow the entry of sunlight, and therefore the formation of a bright environment, and the division of the shielding into different external curtains will allow you to modulate the penetration of sunlight and then take advantage of natural lighting in different times of the year.

in collaboration with

Workshop Ricostruzione & Mario Cucinella Architects (project&copyrights owner - photos courtesy of MCA)