Winning proposal for the International Design Competiton for a new Reception Desk for the Regent Place Lendlease office in London.

CONCEPT IDEA The timber desk is and made of modular cross laminated timber (CLT) elements with different sized organic shapes. The concept idea takes reference from the Lendlease logo: as the fold wraps the ‘Lendlease’ text the timber curved elements wrap the 3 main desk points and the existing columns. This process generates: - a sitting location where is possible to read magazines, Lendlease brochures; - a standing and sitting space with technology devices as Ipad, Laptop (hight: 105cm); - a one person sitting style desk where, if necessary, a concierge can welcome and provide information to the visitors (desk hight: 75cm); - a storage for environmental controls, manual door controls.. - a series of planes around the column where is possible to show the main current Lendlease projects (models, renders..). CREATIVITY The fluidness and flexible shape of the desk reflect the adaptability and vision of Lendlease for the future and our innovation aspirations.
SUSTAINABILITY The material beign of curved elements will be constructed in timber, a natural, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable element. The modularity of the desk allows to combine the curved elements in different ways and, if needed, to reuse the desk in different places.
INNOVATION The curved elements will be expressed in CLT. This will show and promote the best innovating technology that Lendlease is aiming for in our projects. The concept of the desk is modular and it offers different options

Lendlease Reception Desk, London, UK
in collaboration with: 
Mirco Bianchini (parametric modeling)